If you like a pitch on BnkToTheFuture you can get involved in two ways: 

INVESTING: Qualifying investors can become shareholders by investing in the company through our Special Purpose Vehivle (SPV). For full investment details, you can view their investor page. Before doing this you will need to sign up or login for free, and complete our fast compliance process and ensure you are a qualifying investor before pledging to invest. If the pitch reaches at least it’s minimum funding goal, then you will become an indirect shareholder in the company through our SPV. 

BACKING: Non-qualifying and qualifying investors can back this pitch in exchange for the rewards listed on this page or simply give money to the pitch to support it. Once the pitch expires, you get any rewards offered on the estimated date stated by the Pitch owner. If there are no rewards displayed on this page, then you may wish to 'JUST GIVE' money to the business to help it reach it's goal.