If you are a qualifying investor and choose to invest in this pitch from the investor page the funds will leave your account and be held in escrow completely independent from our company funds only to be invested if the pitch reaches at least its minimum funding goal.

To make an investment, you will need to become a qualifying investor, then setup a payment using a range of payment methods and the money will be transferred direct to the pitch teams business bank account once our process is complete and ONLY IF they reach at least their minimum funding goal. If this does not happen funds are made available for you to reinvest or returned.

If you choose to back a pitch (Where you receive rewards), you will be asked to enter the amount you wish to pay followed by a choice of payment methods.

All monies will be held in a fully segregated client escrow account completely separate from our company accounts ‘earmarked’ for the relevant pitch with a leading bank who are authorised and regulated to hold such funds and will be transferred to the pitch teams business bank account if the pitch expires whether it reaches at least its minimum funding goal or not.

We do not benefit or receive interest on this money in any way and in the unlikely event that BnkToTheFuture.com were to dissolve, your money is fully segregated and separate from our company money.