When investing in a fund through our platform, returns are normally received via dividends as the units are normally non-redeemable. The exact terms are outlined on the pitch investor page for qualifying investors.

When investing in a private company, your returns can only be realised if the company sells its shares in the future, normally by floating on a stock market (Known as an IPO) or if the company is purchased by another organisation (known as a trade sale) or by the company management team (known as a Management Buy-Out - MBO).

This is what is known as an illiquid investment as it can take a long time, if at all, to produce a return on investment. You also may receive dividends if the company pays them in the future determined by how many shares you purchase.

Before viewing any investor page on BnkToTheFuture.com, we will provide you with a full and clear list of risk warnings to help you understand the risks involved.

When backing a pitch, you do not receive a monetary return on investment, you are entitled to the rewards on offer as outlined on the pitch.