You are able to back/invest in this pitch using the online digital currency Bitcoin and other alternative coins. In order to back/invest, you will need to own Bitcoins or Altcoins already. If you do not own them yet then don't worry, you can choose to back/invest using all major currencies instead.

If you back a pitch for a reward, then we will convert your Bitcoins into the currency the pitch is raising finance in immediately, and pay the pitch owner once the pitch has expired. 

However, if you decide to invest in a pitch using Bitcoins or an alternative coin we will hold your coins safely and securely in cold storage in a segregated client wallet, separate from any company wallets. This is completely free of any transaction fee. 

If the pitch reaches at least its minimum funding goal then we will transfer the coins to the pitch owner and proceed with completing your investment. The number of shares you receive is calculated through the exchange rate at the time you make your investment and will be confirmed for you at the point of investment.

If the pitch does NOT reach at least its minimum funding goal then we will update your balance on your account, where the exact number of coins you pledged will be available for you to re-invest or withdraw to your own wallet at any time. Before withdrawing, you will need to complete a one time only anti money laundering identity check if you have not done so already. 

Until then your coins will be stored safely and securely in cold storage.