Once a pitch has passed its minimum funding goal, it has reached the minimum level for your investment to move forward. Some pitches may choose to continue raising further funding in the /overfunding' stage. This additional funding does not /dilute' your investment in any way, it simply means the company will sell more equity in exchange for further funding.

Once a pitch is in the overfunded stage the pitch owner can choose to close the pitch early or continue raising funds until the pitch time limit expires. If the pitch owner closes early or the time frame finishes, BnkToTheFuture will then move the pitch into the post-funding phase where we collect any additional due diligence documents needed from investors and work with the pitch team to complete all the legal documents and share transfer documents.

We set up a special purpose vehicle (SPV) for each deal and once the SPV is set up the pitch owner will issue shares to the SPV and you will become a shareholder in the SPV subject to the investment agreement and terms you agreed to at the point of investment.

Once this is complete and we have all documents needed from both the pitch team and the investors we close the pitch. At this point you are able to download all pitch documents, investment agreements and share certificates from the portfolio section of your account and all funds are transferred from our escrow accounts to the pitch company bank account.

From here the pitch forum becomes a private place for investors and the pitch team to share updates and future developments.