1. Businesses choose us because we have the most global solution for raising finance and more sources of investors in financial innovation and technology than anywhere else.
  2. BnkToTheFuture.com brings in additional money globally alongside traditional angel investment, it is not an alternative, so why turn down more money?
  3. Millions of dollars and all other leading currencies are invested through our platform by professional investors. Rather than pitching to just a small number of offline angel investors, BnkToTheFuture.com brings in extra money on top of those traditional offline investors money.
  4. At the time of writing this 93% of the businesses that pitch on our platform walk away with some form of money and 80% achieve at least their minimum investment goal, so why not stack the odds in your favour?
  5. We pool all your investors together into one structure, meaning that you do not have to handle paperwork for hundreds of investors and you can use our platform to keep them updated with a few clicks simply, easily and compliantly. You deal with one investor and we take care of all the legal work.
  6. By having a deadline and the ability for people to see who else is investing, it makes investors put the money in the bank faster. BnkToTheFuture.com moves investors from ‘I’m interested in investing’ to ‘I just invested’.
  7. As everyone invests with the correct legal procedure we have time stamped digital records, meaning investors are unlikely to come back and sue you later for not understanding what they invested in. This happens frequently when raising finance on your own. We make sure investors understand the risk, everything is compliant and the deal is fair, preventing arguments and problems.
  8. Many businesses that pitch on our platform attract press, PR and marketing at the same time as raising finance faster.
  9. A professional investor is 85% more likely to watch your video on BnkToTheFuture.com than if you email them a lengthy business plan. They are 63% more likely to invest if you pitch correctly in that video, so again, why not stack the odds in your favour? We will work with you to put your best pitch together and showcase it to those most interested in your sector.
  10. We qualify investors from all around the world and investors register with us in order to find and invest in businesses just like yours every day. On our homepage you can see thousands of registered investors, so why not apply now and you might be able to expose your business to them?
Watch these videos to hear about some of our successfully funded clients: