Besides the fact that we host the largest funding rounds in the sector and have the largest community of professional FinTech investors that want to invest online, here are 7 platform features that make people choose us to raise finance:

  1. RAISE MONEY EVEN IF YOU MISS YOUR GOAL - We built a solution for you that means you almost always get some form of money no matter what.
  2. INVESTORS ARE MORE LIKELY TO INVEST - We estimate that when sending investors business plans through email, over 85% of investors don’t invest because they cannot be bothered to read your business plan. It is much easier for them to view your pitch on our platform and it gets a higher conversion rate.
  3. MORE WAYS TO INVEST - All new qualifying investors get free digital currency to invest in your company. We then allow professional investors to invest more using all the major currencies globally through bank transfer, card payment, and even Bitcoins or Altcoins. How hard is it to offer qualifying investors a free investment in your business paid for by
  4. YOU ONLY GET ONE SHAREHOLDER - We have no interest in taking shares in your company just for raising finance, but we set up a very tax efficient structure where we hold your investors interests for them, meaning you get all the benefits of only having one legal shareholder with all the benefits of having lots of professional investors to support your business, reducing a huge amount of admin work for your company while reaping the benefits. Having one registered investor has huge benefits when you decide to raise further funding in the future. 
  5. BUILT TO GO VIRAL  - With a few clicks, all your Gmail, Yahoo, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Email contacts can find out about your company and we can filter for the ones that are compliantly able to invest. We even offer qualifying investors a free small investment paid for by Qualifying investors are then able to invest more, while the rest support you.
  6. LEGAL PROTECTION FOR YOUR COMPANY - If you want to be the next big business then you will need to remain compliant & protect your company. We prevent you having to pay huge legal fees, yet you will still have optimised legal agreements benefiting your business and all of your new investors.
  7. MULTIPLE SOURCES OF MONEY - We allow investors to invest in both new digital & traditional currencies globally, which means increasing your money pool exponentially. There are global investors and billions of dollars worth of digital currencies out there (Such as Bitcoin) waiting to invest in your business. We take all qualifying funds, but pay you one simple payment in the currency of your choice.
You can make an application for finance here