We are just like an online venture capital platform. We co-invest with VC's and VC's invest through our platform too. 

Venture Capital (VC) is normally only for businesses that have achieved a lot already and are in a position to raise millions. VC firms normally wait for you to have built a perfect product which generates millions in sales or has millions of users/customers already. If you are not at this stage yet, then Venture Capital is very unlikely.

Having said that, we are not a substitute for VC funding should you require millions. You can raise finance through us at the same time so you can benefit from both the good points of VC finance and our online investment platform. We would help structure your company so that your new investors do not get in the way of the VC deal. More and more businesses are doing raising finance through both our online investment platform and VC’s and we have a process to support this and prevent you putting all your eggs in one basket, just in case no VC funding is secured.

Most businesses that raise finance through our platform also intend to raise venture capital funding or have raised it already as their business grows, so we would love to hear from you if this is the case.