We raise early stage and growth finance for businesses incorporated all around the globe and are building financial innovation, FinTech and other technologies. We have a real specialisation in financial innovation, but also consider other technology companies.

Your business must be for-profit and have the ambition to sell your company in the future or float it on a stock market. If you are not willing to do this then it is not right for equity investors as you are unable to offer them a return on investment.

If you are a mature company, we do not raise finance for businesses that are going through financial difficulty or are going through a complicated restructuring process that the crowd-investors will not easily understand.

We are unable to raise finance for political campaigns, ‘fund my life’ projects, lifestyle businesses deeply dependent upon one person's personal brand & skills, charity’s or not for profit organisations.

We take each application on a case by case basis. Any FinTech or technology company can apply then we assess from there, whether you are a prototype, half way through your company build, working on your numbers or fully established.

If you fit our criteria then we would love to see your application.