Authy is a popular application that you can use to secure your BnkToTheFuture account. You can follow these steps to enable two-factor authentication (2FA) on your account:

  1. Go to Security, then click the 2FA toggle switch to turn it on.

  2. Add your BF account to your authenticator app by scanning the QR code or by manually entering the key under the QR code into your authenticator app.

  3. Enter the 6-digit pin generated by your app, then click UPDATE.

  4. You will see a pop-up window that contains your backup codes. If you lose access to your authentication device, you can use one of these backup codes to log in to your account. Each code may be used only once. Make a copy of these codes, and store it somewhere safe.

Here is a quick video explaining the benefits of using Authy to secure your BnkToTheFuture account.