If you have invested in a pitch that pays daily dividends in cryptocurrency then the minimum daily BTC dividend payout is 20K satoshi0.05 ETH, DASH or START or 0.00005 ZEC. If the dividend does not meet that minimum, it shows as a zero dividend in the financial transactions section of your account. However,  even though it shows at zero in the background we will save the amount received up until the payout is greater than the minimum and make a dividend payment then. 

Here's an example of what's happening:

  • DAY 1 - let's say you receive a dividend of 0.00001 BTC.

    You will see this as 0 in the financial section of your account. In the background, it will add 0.00001 BTC to your record.

  • Day 2 - let's say you receive a dividend of 0.00001 BTC again.

    You will see this as 0 again. In the background, it will add 0.00002 BTC to your record.

  • Day 3 - let's say the price of BTC goes through the roof and you may receive a much greater BTC dividend. For example, let's say the dividend is 0.1 BTC.

    This will show in the financials section of your account as a 0.10002 that will be paid according to your dividend settings.

TIP - If you have selected your dividend preference to convert your currency to a different currency (for example Bitcoin Capital is mining Bitcoin and the default currency is Bitcoin) you could change your dividend settings back to the mining currency to prevent your dividends being taken below the minimum due to the exchange fees charged by external exchanges.  Dividends in the same currency as the coin being mined are less likely to fall below the minimum than other currencies that involve an exchange rate.