Introduction to the Bnk To The Future Ecosystem & Investing in Crypto Companies.

This is a recorded version of the Live session with Simon Dixon on 14th February, 2019. Just a quick run through of the platform and it's new features.

[1:20]-Going through the new platform

[03:24]- New invest page

[04:09]- Application page/Raising finance

[05:15]- Trading (Beta)

[07:03]- Talking about token market

[11:21]- Bitfinex SPV

[12:04]- Order book

[13:03]- Depositing funds in beta

[15:21]- End goal of trading market

[17:53]- BF wallet

[28:58]- BFT

[31:04]- Company page

[31:55]- BFT usecase in Beta

[37:59]- Q & A

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