Important Information

For your safety and due to high levels of cyber crime, especially in the crypto sector, we hold funds in cold secure storage and choose to manually process them rather than using automation. 

Before you deposit please be aware:

  1. We pass on third party withdrawal fees and if you deposit without investing or trading there is a higher fee, so only deposit if you intend to invest or trade on the platform to avoid unnecessary third party fees.

  2. Withdrawals may take up to 5-14 business days or longer to meet our regulatory requirements.

  3. You may be asked to provide additional information or documentation before a withdrawal is processed. 

  4. Withdrawals may be cancelled if it does not cover the cost of any third party or Blockchain fees (in which case you will need to request a new larger withdrawal amount).

We are designed for longer term investing rather than short term trading. If you want to engage in fast trading then you might want to use an automated exchange instead. 

Alternatively, we recommend you only request withdrawals in advance before it is urgent.