We have included a process below to outline how to be accepted for your KYC (Know Your Customer).

BF Identity is the latest feature that we have integrated into the BF platform for a much better and more convenient KYC solution. The main goal we aim to achieve via BF ID is to have your KYC in one place – and use it on BnkToTheFuture.com and any supported BF partners in the future.

If you log in to your BF profile you should be redirected to the BF Identity page. See the screenshot below:


  1. When you start the process with BF Identity, you will see Veriff which will take you through the photo steps for your proof of ID.
  2. You will be presented with the options of what photo ID to provide – what’s applicable to your country's jurisdiction.
  3. Photo ID is not an upload process – it is a webcam selfie request with Veriff. Again, once you start the process with BF Identity you will be taken through the steps. You can do this via your computer/desktop webcam/laptop or your smartphone.
  4. Make sure you have good natural light where you are positioned – Veriff software can be a little sensitive. All photo IDs should be taken as an image of the front and back separately.
    Note: we recommend using a passport when possible.

    You should be prompted to also take a photo of yourself holding your photo ID next to your face. Please ensure both the Photo ID and your face are clearly visible.

  5. Once the Veriff step is completed and approved, you will then be asked for a proof of address document (a list is provided below).

    Please ensure your image is complete and captures the following information:

• Your name

• Your Address

• The date of the document (within the last 90 days)

• The name and details of the Company or Agency that sent the letter

• Any other useful information to allow us to verify the document

Please feel free to redact/ black-out any personal details that are not listed above, but note that if too much information is omitted, we may not be able to verify the document.


Option 1: Selfie with Proof of Address + Proof of Address as a document

You will be prompted to upload or take a photo of your Proof of Address. Below is an example of what the Proof of Address image should include.

Also, please provide a photo of yourself holding the same proof of address uploaded. Please treat this as a separate process and do not provide a picture of yourself holding your proof of address AND your Proof of ID. These should be separate images.

Option 2: Screenshot while logged in your account + (optional: Proof of Address as a document)

The below process can be applied to EDD verification as well.

You may provide a screenshot of your Proof of Address if it is in an online app or account. We will need to see the following details in the image:

• Your name

• Your Address

• The date of the document (within the last 90 days)

• The name and details of the Company or Agency that sent the letter

• Any other useful information to allow us to verify the document

(Examples above redacted for privacy)

If all the above details cannot be captured in one screenshot, or the URL is not displayed such as in an app, then you will need to provide multiple screenshots or capture multiple web pages showing the information above displayed in the relevant pages and to show that the images are linked.

Please ensure you capture the date and time on your computer in the screenshot if not displayed on the account to show the documents are linked.

If you are unable to show all the required information in one or more screenshots, then please additionally download and submit the same document or statement as a PDF displaying all required information as described in Option 1.

Option 3: Certified Proof of Address

You can choose to provide a copy of your proof of address that has been certified by an appropriate third party, i.e., a bank, a registered lawyer, registered accountant, etc.

Please ensure the document contains the following:

• Your name

• Your Address

• The date of the document (within the last 90 days)

• The name and details of the Company or Agency that sent the letter

• A certified statement by an appropriate third party with:

a) their name,

b) their contact details,

c) date of signing,

d) occupation and registration/ license number (if applicable)

e) along with a signed statement stating that they have witnessed the original document and certify it to be a true copy of the original. 

The following are images of acceptable certifications in general. You will need to do the same to certify your proof of address.


The document must demonstrate evidence for your current residential address, i.e., where you are registered for tax purposes.

  • Credit Card Statements;
  • Bank Statements;
  • Mortgage Statements;
  • Tax Assessments;
  • Certificate of Voters Registration;
  • Government Issued Official Documents – e.g. Residential Tax Rates, or other government-based residential tax rates;
  • Correspondents between you and the government authority regarding the receipt of benefits, such as Pension;
  • Any other Government Issued Official Documents;
  • Utility bills – such as Gas bill, Electricity bill, Water bill;
  • TV Licence;
  • Internet bill;
  • Landline Telephone bill (excluding mobile phone);
  • Road Tax;
  • Household Content Insurance;
  • Home Building Insurance;
  • Personal Car Insurance;
  • Drivers Licence (if Not used as Photo ID, also must be front and back);
  • Brokerage or other financial statements;

Please Note:

All proof of address documents must contain your name, your residential address and a date, the date on the document must be no more than 90 days old at the time of submission. With the exception of some proof of address documents that have a half-yearly, or annual renewal date, such as – Drivers Licence, National ID Card, Insurance Documents, TV Licence, Road Tax, Voters Registration, Government Issued Official Documents etc.