In order to fulfill the High Net Worth requirements with your crypto-asset holdings, you can either

  • Upload a screenshot/statement or letter from a credible cryptocurrency exchange, lending platform or wallet showing holdings & valuations worth over $1M USD. The screenshot should include the date and evidence tying you to the account (e.g. your name or the investing entity’s name), or
  • Deposit a small amount / upload a message cryptographically signed using the private key of your wallet or wallets, proving that you own assets worth over $1M USD.
  • Upload a letter using our template signed by a professional accountant, lawyer or regulated financial professional declaring that you hold at least $1M of assets.

Detailed instructions for preparing a signed message:

1. Prepare the following message for signature:

I, <Signatory Name>, certify under penalty of perjury that <Investing Entity Name> is the sole owner of the cryptocurrency address associated with this message as of <Today’s Date>.

Replace the angle brackets with your name, the name of the investing entity, and the date.

2.a. Signing the message – ETH

For Ether, use MyEtherWallet’s message signing tool.

Paste the message into the text field.

Select your wallet provider. (In this example, we use MetaMask.)

Click ‘Connect’. Then, click ‘Sign Message’ to sign and approve the transaction. (There is no cost.)

Here is an example signed message:

2.b. Signing the message - BTC

For Bitcoin, most wallets implement the ability to sign a message with your Bitcoin address’ private key. See the tutorial here.

3. Submitting

Create a document with the message you signed, address, and message signature (sample information provided below):

 ETH (from MEW)


“address”: “0xdb66xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx”,

“msg”: “test message”,

“sig”: “ccb5161ee1517f5c560eabf0996f75011209757931b1df62d31c73eba8e739082b110a901af7da6320defc6feedde2cf044a3395b4adc219310797508051ce341c”,

“version”: “3”,

“signer”: “trezor”



1. Message:

I, John Smith, certify under penalty of perjury that I am the sole owner of the cryptocurrency address associated with this message as of Dec. 13, 2017.

2. Address

BTC: bc1qwlu3ydxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

ETH: 0x9a19899xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

3. Signature


You can upload this information via the certification section of the BnkToTheFuture platform.

In the event that your funds are spread across multiple wallets, you will need to include a signed message from each address.